SQL WHERE Clause Operators

The following operators can be used in the WHERE clause to filter data:

Operator Description Example
= Equal WHERE last_name = 'Potter'
> Greater than WHERE price > 5
< Less than WHERE price < 5
>= Greater than or equal WHERE price >= 5
<= Less than or equal WHERE price <= 5
!= or <> Not equal WHERE last_name != 'Potter'
BETWEEN Between a certain range WHERE date_added BETWEEN '01-JAN-19' AND '31-DEC-19'
LIKE Search for a pattern (place a % to represent a wildcard) WHERE last_name LIKE 'Po%'
For example return ‘Potter’, ‘Poe’, and ‘Pope’.
IN In a specified list WHERE last_name IN ('Potter','Weasley','Granger')
ANY or SOME Check operator against a list (IN with conditional) WHERE 10 >= ANY (12,50,24)
Example 1
, last_name 
FROM contact 
WHERE first_name = 'Harry'
AND last_name = 'Potter';
Example 2
, release_date
, item_rating
FROM item 
WHERE release_date BETWEEN '01-JAN-83' AND '31-JAN-83'
AND item_rating != 'R';
Also, keep in mind that these can all be inverted with the NOT keyword.

WHERE NOT last_name = 'Potter' would be synonymous with WHERE last_name != 'Potter'.

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